Reasons to Start a Business that Sells Metal Detectors

Ron Shore started selling metal detectors in 1985 from his basement in Chicago. About half a decade ago, he almost closed the business with the price of an ounce of gold going for $650. The shop had limped for over two decades.

Today, gold fetches over $1,600 per ounce. And, now aged 66, Mr. Shore is on track, raking in $1.2 million in sales. According to the businessman, “It’s been gangbusters.” He explained that his retail business has doubled each annually for three years of operation, selling detectors going for anything from $150 to $25,000.

He quit his day job with a graphic-arts company in December, 2011. He said, “I couldn’t keep up with his day job anymore.”

The price of precious metals is ever on the rise and the economy is stuck in weak recovery, making for a booming metal-detector business.

According to Mike Scott, First Texas Products of El Paso’s sales director, “It’s the get-rich-quick mentality, or finding some additional change to place in the gas tank.

The company sold gold-prospecting metal detectors worth $15 million in 2010. This marked the third year it tripled its sales, consecutively.

Kellyco Metal Detectors, a top U.S. retailer, based in Winter Springs, Fla., experienced growth in sales from 2005 at 63% to $24.8 million in 2010. Its sales projections in 2011 was $26 million.

The business phenomenon is worldwide and aren’t restricted to the U.S. only. Minelab, an Australian company that retails high-end metal detectors sold products worth $118 million in 2010. With each detector going for as high as $5,600, the company experienced double sales in 2009 worth $46 million.

Minelab attributes the increase in sales experienced to a gold rush in Sudan. Many modern-day prospectors with gold fever traveled to Sudan to search for a fortune. The company continued to project growth in sales throughout upcoming years.

According to Stu Auerbach, the founder of Kellyco at the onset of the 1970s, metal detectors were initially designed for military use. When he founded the company, metal detector were simple in design and cost-effective.

Sales of such military device remained consistent for several years before they spiked in the recent years. They create an excellent business opportunity for you.

Metal Detectors are Versatile in Use

Metal detecting is a fun outdoor hobby. It gets you to interesting outdoor environments. What’s more, it has the potential to earn you money either as a money pit or potential money maker.

According to Metal Detecting Hobby Talk, you’re prohibited from using metal detectors in any of the following areas:

  • National historical sites
  • National parks
  • National recreational areas
  • National monuments
  • Archaeological sites
  • Native American lands

Many states lands are also off limits when it comes to using metal detectors. However, laws vary from one state to another. Check your local laws to proceed with great caution.

With no active archaeology sites under progress, some Federal Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management land tracts allow metal detecting. However, make sure that you’re permitted to do so before visiting the lands with your metal detector.

Get express permission from private property owners prior to gaining entry into their premises or land to engage in metal detecting.

You can freely engage in metal detecting in any of the following places:

  • Parking lots
  • Public park areas
  • Beaches
  • And other public areas, especially post an outdoor concert or festival where potentially drop jewelry or coins.

It’s recommended that you cover holes that you dig up while treasure hunting or metal detecting. This ensures that you don’t leave the environment littered. You’re also advised to pick small rubbish other people may have left behind in such areas.

Different Metal Detectors are Available in the Market

The metal detecting equipment is key to running a successful business. You’ll need a good entry level detector and a small shovel if you’re just beginning your business or starting metal detecting.

According to, you can spend anything from $100 to $300 on an entry level metal detector. Some recommended metal detector models include:

  • White Prizm II
  • Garrett ACE 250
  • Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
  • Minelab Muscateer and other minelab’s choices such as Equinox 600 vs. 800

You’ll find the Garrett ACE 250 at going for about $212.45. On the other hand, the Tracker goes for $79.99 with free shipping on Amazon while the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is almost half the price of the Garrett ACE.

The Tracker is popular despite its low price, having over 1,200 previous customers and enjoy a high star rating. However, if you’re keen on saving money, opt for a used metal detector in good working condition.

According to ToughNickel, you can save anything from 50% to 75% off the price of a new detector if you opt for a used device. Check out Leisure Head for reviews of other high-end metal detectors, including XP Deus vs. Minelab CTX 3030.

Is Metal Detecting Profitable?

You can invest 4-5K in metal detecting, according to the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum, equipment for diving and other accessories for metal detecting. The post by Zofchak states that you don’t need detailed records of your finds, but you can barely yield anything above $1,000 within 3 years of business.

This doesn’t include the money you spend on traveling and lost income you get from failing to work during your traveling hours. However, one of the most profitable ways of running a successful metal detecting business involves finding jewelry that swimmers lose in water.

Your job earnings in comparison to what you can get from metal detecting is higher. It’s important to enjoy metal detecting, making your finds merely a bonus. Otherwise, you’re bound to easily give up on your dream business.

Growth Opportunities in the Metal Detecting Market

The metal detector market has attractive growth opportunities in the future. It’ll span the commercial, government, food and beverage

Consumer, textile and pharmaceutical industries. The market will hit $1.6 billion by 2022 and growth at a CAGR of 5% from 2017 to 2022. The major market growth drivers foster expansion in infrastructure terrorism activities, and government stringency compliances in different sectors for improved safety and security.

Increasing advancement in metal detector technology for increased used of metal detectors in new applications such as medical and sports and superior performance directly impact the metal detector industry’s dynamics.

  • Metal detectors also prevent losses
  • Come in various sizes for different purposes
  • Prevents entry into buildings with guns, knives and other potentially harmful metals
  • They’re user-friendly and colored to match your décor.
  • Different
  • Offsets costs

Is The Internet a Blessing or a Curse to Fraudsters?

The internet is the talk of the town as a shopper or an entrepreneur or a socialite. Everyone wants to get in touch with the world at the tip of their hands.

Electronics manufacturers spend the sleepless night to make sure their gadgets are internet-enabled.

That’s what the market requires. With all these benefits, there are people behind the keyboard ready to use gaps in the systems to fraud unsuspecting victims.

Gone are the days where fraudsters were dirty-looking individuals in the streets.

Currently, the nicely-dressed man sitting next to you busy pretending to be on social media is the biggest thief who should be behind bars as soon as yesterday.

The internet has made it easy for them to carry out their dirty deals without physically being caught.

Furthermore, you can’t avoid the use of the internet. Therefore the only option you have is to invest in reliable security systems to protect you as an individual, family, or a corporate entity.

There are several in the market, but you need to run due diligence to choose what works for you based on the service you need in terms of protection.

Price is also a consideration you can’t afford to ignore.

For example, the identity theft solution is the correct choice for its price for the following reasons

  • Affordable pricing plans to suit your needs
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Insurance cover
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Family plan
  • Credit score report

How fraudsters use the internet to fleece you

1. Email phishing scams

Fraudsters will send you an email to unsuspecting receivers. The emails have attachments with malicious content.

The trick is to open the attachment; the next step takes you to a complex site linked to malicious software.

Before you notice, all your hard-earned cash is in the wrong hands.

2. Green Card tricks

Green card has become challenging to get yet it’s the easiest way to get “greener pastures.”

Now you get a holiday card or a greeting card purporting to have won something.

What they need is for you to open the greeting ticket which is attached to a malware.

 It downloads software on your machine, which places itself on the trash folders doing its intended purpose in the background.

The result is you have no control over your financial accounts.

3. Loan notifications

When you get information about a loan, you need to approve or a credit card detail that requires your verification and liaises with your banking institutions to confirm its authenticity.

Otherwise, you might fall into the next victim. All of these scams come with one aim, to download or open malicious content, which is the beginning of your trouble.

It’s worse when you aren’t protected. You lose your money without any way to help yourself out of the problem.

In such a situation, where do you even report when these people are miles away on different continents?

4. Dating sites

Some of them pose as lovers looking for long term life partners. They are wise such that they gauge your financial capability.

The tricky matters of the heart tempt one to avoid the use of their brain in making decisions.

As time goes by, you have given out your financial details to a stranger. With internet banking, what else do they need?

 This trick is well-orchestrated even for a year; you may fail to notice their intention for you are madly in love.

5. Lottery fees

If you receive an email for you to claim some money, that in itself is a scam.

Whoever sends you the mail, don’t you think he needs the money more than you? The first step is to ask yourself when you even purchased or participated in a lottery competition.

If you haven’t deleted the mail as fast as possible, then you are prone to fraud.

6. The famous Nigerian Prince

If you haven’t received an email about a wealthy Nigerian Family; who lost their relatives and would want you to help the widow to claim the money with a promise of getting some percentage, then you are new in the internet fraud stories.

This old trick is still used to newcomers, and they have succeeded in it.

The end game is for you to get your financial details for them to wire the money. Fraudsters only need the bank details to sweep clean your account.

What do you do to prevent fraud?

  • Never open unsuspecting emails
  • Do not download any applications unless you are sure of their authenticity
  • Enroll in security systems to cushion you just in case
  • Protect your laptop with security applications to detect, monitor and quarantine such apps
  • Never give out your details to strangers
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi’s when handling financial transactions
  • Beware of your internet surroundings

The internet is a blessing to fraudsters; they can now proudly handle their malicious deals without facing the law due to jurisdiction limitations.

It’s you now to stop their acts by being more cautious about making them loose market in the hacking business.

What Hot Shower Bath can do for Career Professionals

Waking up in the morning preparing to work and going on your business of the day is not the only indicator of success for any career professional.

A lot goes on behind that productive employee. Apart from the expertise in the area of work, there are other additional things they do to make them successful.

All of them are geared towards attaining proper physical and emotional health.

What should a corporate individual do to stay physically and emotionally stable at the workplace?

  • Engage in physical exercises to maintain a healthy weight
  • Surround yourself with the right social circle for encouragement and motivation
  • Eat a well-balanced diet to prevent lifestyle diseases
  • Have a work-life balance
  • Practice proper and healthy lifestyle

Our primary focus today is about a proper lifestyle. According to professional psychologists, lifestyle involves opinions, daily endeavors, and social involvement to improve one’s status.

It is a wholesome approach to handling issues.

A healthy lifestyle practice for corporate professionals plays a significant role in enhancing their productivity.

They look simple, yet they are essential. At times, they may be the norm, but you don’t know how well it improves your professional life. Here are a few of them

  • Take a hot water bath daily
  • Plan your day to avoid confusion
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid junk food instead replace that with fruits and vegetables
  • Smile at all times despite your situation
  • Always learn something new in life
  • Have a “me” time at least once a week

Why should you take a hot bath daily as a career expert?

After a hard day’s work, you need to have time to relax and rest.

What you do at this time is very important. It’s that moment you need to shut off your mind and online tools to listen to your body and do as it directs you.

Of course, healthily. That hot water bath comes with the following benefits

  1. Burns calories

Whenever you want to shed some calories, what most health expert’s advice is to engage in physical activity?

What if when you aren’t in a position? Imagine after a hard day’s work sitting behind your office with a tight deadline.

Do you even have the energy t exercise? Of course, not. Did you know you can achieve the same with a hot water bath?

The excess calories are a recipe for the increased weight, which comes with its share of challenges.

  • Relives muscle pain and body inflammation

In the same scenario, with swollen legs due to prolonged sitting hours, you need to have a hot bath.

It’s not a hot bath as per se. You must install a tankless water heater with a self-modulating power control system is the ultimate solution.

 It gives you instant hot water to reduce pain and inflammation, resulting in reduced blood circulation.

You are the face of your company despite the position in the organization. You must have a smooth skin behind that beautiful smile.

 Did you know that a hot water bath is an ultimate option? Forget about the expensive makeup that you fill in your face.

Regularly take that hot water bath and have a difference.

  • Reduces headaches and fatigue

Not all illnesses you take pain killers. Others are a result of your daily .endeavours.

You can’t stay in a long meeting with a lecture about unreached targets and fail to have a constant headache as if the head is almost bursting?

 If you have no underlying conditions, you only need to take a hot bath as an instant cure. It comes in handy to enhance your productivity at the workplace.

  • That good feeling

When in a bad mood, it reflects even when you fake a smile. Your attitude towards work could be a result of what goes on in your life.

Despite your success on the corporate ladder, you are human. You go through stuff that weighs you down.

What options do you have yet you have to show up in the office daily? Try and take a hot bath and see the difference.

The increased blood circulation and reduction of body inflammation help you to relax both your body and mind.

  • Prevents colds and flu

Have you shown up in the office with a cold or the flu? If there is a day, you will have a rough time is when you have such small respiratory illnesses.

They don’t need drugs all the time, for they are a reaction to environmental stimuli. You can only prevent them from using a hot bath. Imagine if you are the business owner?

You are a professional carry the mantle with a lot of integrity based on your daily practices.

Foods That Help Slowdown or Mitigate Stress

Not only does stress impede your productivity, but it also impacts your mental and general health. People know stress is harmful, but just how harmful only a few are aware. Considering how many people suffer stress, every adult needs to know the effects of stress and ways to manage it – particularly using natural or traditional products. In Australia, 91% of people stress over one or more critical parts of their life. 86% of Chinese workers report feeling stress. Similar stats apply to other countries. Considering the high likelihood of feeling stress at some point in your life, we’ll discuss some foods and substances that will help you fight off stress.

● Foods Containing Selenium

A study found that selenium may help you maintain a healthy mood by reducing inflammation. Inflammation increases psychological disorder and mood swings. Selenium helps prevent cancer by its anti-carcinogenic functions, and it is one of the best antioxidants for managing cell damage. Selenium is mostly found in nuts, animal products, vegetables like mushroom and soybeans, and others. However, selenium should be consumed in recommended quantities, preferably 400 micrograms a day. A good source of selenium is the Brazilian nuts.

● Foods High in Omega-3

The fatty acid, Omega-3, is related strongly to the human body’s cognitive and mental health function. Omega-3 contains elements known to reduce inflammation and increases brain function. Examples of meals with Omega-3 are trout, herring, fatty fish, salmon, sardines, and more. A study found that eating salmon thrice a week reduces anxiety in men.

● Vitamin D foods

Researchers are increasingly convinced that vitamin D affects the mood in a way that reduces depression and anxiety. The Journal of Effective Disorders reported evidence that suggests vitamin D has a positive effect on depression. Other reports have similar conclusions on vitamin D concerning pregnant women and older adults. Another highly likely positive side to vitamin D is the improvement of seasonal disaffected disorder in winter. An excellent example of Vitamin-D-food is salmon, sardines, and egg yolks.

● Herbal Tea

To the body, feelings are as important as nutrients sometimes. It is a fact that drinking a warm cup of tea helps you relax. Research shows that seeping warm tea promotes feelings of interpersonal warmth and friendliness. Certain herbs can produce soothing effects, whether taken warm or cold.

Green tea is a good source of caffeine. Caffeine has both positive and negative effects and only becomes harmful when taken in large quantities or in the case of addiction. But a moderate dose should provide a jolt of energy that lighten your spirit and makes you feel like working.

● Dark Chocolate

Before a 2014 study that confirmed the suspicion that dark chocolates increase our ability to relax, experts believed that dark chocolates and cocoa do improve mood. It isn’t yet clear how dark chocolate helps the human mind, but it is known to contain high amounts of polyphenols, like flavonoids. A study found that flavonoids possibly reduce neuroinflammation, cell death in the brain, and improves blood circulation. The presence of tryptophan in chocolates also enhances neurotransmitters in the brain, which impacts our moods positively.

● Warm Milk

Using milk to get a better night’s sleep is a centuries-old tradition, and still works today. holds that sipping warm milk produces a relaxing effect on the body and psychology. Calcium is critical for bone growth and health, and can also reduce depression, as a study finds. Milk contains vitamin D, which, together with calcium, helps with muscle relaxation and stabilizes your mood. Foods with high calcium content include yogurt, cheese, canned salmon, sunflower seeds, and much more.

● Consuming Probiotic Foods

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that build a healthy gut system by eliminating or reducing harmful bacteria. Probiotics also boost your immune system and speed up the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Researchers found a direct correlation between gut health and mood disorders. Gut bacteria are found to produce molecules with neuroactive functions that improve your mood. You can get probiotics in food supplements that can cost up to $40 for a month’s supply. Probiotics are also present in natural foods – a better source than pills. A fermented yogurt known as kefir is one of the great sources of probiotics. You could also produce probiotics by growing a bacteria culture using cabbage juice.

● High Fiber-Content Foods

Foods high in fiber-content are suitable for the gut system and help slow down stress. A 2018 study found a strong correlation between increase intake of a high-fiber diet with reduced depression and stress. Fiber helps mitigate oxidative inflammation and stress, with the effect of reducing risks of cancer and other health conditions. You can find high fiber content in foods like beans, green peas, berries, almonds, and plenty of other greens.


Eating the correct diet helps mitigate vulnerabilities to most diseases, and improves our overall health. Many foods help us maintain healthy stress levels, which leads to higher productivity in the long run. Nutrition scientists are still adding to the list of stress-mitigating foods as research uncovers more. To learn all you need to know about stress and how to manage it, visit this website.

How Heating your Business Premises Increases the Productivity of your Employees

Did you know that you can increase the productivity of everyone in the office by maintaining a comfortable temperature in the office? According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the comfortable temperature in the office should be between 68 and 76 F. Although OSHA does not set it as a requirement to maintain that temperature at the office, it recommends such a temperature for the comfort of all office occupants.

With comfort comes productivity. However, there are always office thermostat wars where some people love the temperatures hot, others cold, and others are not sure what they want. As a leader, you need to choose a thermostat range that accommodates as many people as possible – ensure that the office doesn’t get too cold or too hot to accommodate some workers.

At the right temperature setting, your employees should feel comfortable enough not to remember the thermostat.

How Does Temperature Affect Productivity in the Office?

If you are always complaining about the productivity levels at the office, you are not alone. Whether it is just one employee or all the employees, productivity is an issue is so many offices around the world.

Decreased productivity levels are witnessed when employees are always on their phones, replying and sending messages, sharing funny memes, talking with coworkers about the weekend that was, taking long breaks, and getting lost in thoughts during meetings.

Although the temperature is not the only factor that affects productivity levels, it is one of the main factors why employees might feel less productive. In 2009, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) did research on office creativity and temperature. From the study, 22 percent of the respondents found the office too hot, 27 percent found the office too warm, 19 percent found it too cold, and 54 percent found the temperature to be just right. 

When the temperature is too warm, hot, or cold, the workers are not able to concentrate. Employers can make it comfortable for them by warming the room using a small electric heater. Today, it is easy to regulate the temperature ion these heaters. The heater is ideal when you work in a small office or a large office where workers are in small cubicles.

From the SHRM study above, at least half of all offices in the world are either too cold or too hot for the productivity of the workers.

What is the Right Office Temperature?

This is where thermostat wars begin. However, as a leader, you can always find a range that leaves every comfortable (and productive). According to a study conducted by the Helsinki University of Technology, workplace performance is at its optimum between 69.8 and 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit – that is between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius. Productivity was highest at the highest point of the range, which is 71.6 F.

Cornell University conducted the same kind of study and found that cold workers make more errors when typing, thereby increasing labor costs by 10 percent. When the office temperature increased from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, it was observed that typing errors reduced by 44 percent. Typing output also increased by 150 percent.

Next time you think about productivity, think about the productivity of those working for you.

Other Factors Affect Productivity Too

There are many factors that affect how employees respond to office temperatures. Factors such as season, clothing, age, humidity, and health affect how an individual responds to the thermostat. For you to achieve maximum productivity for your employees, therefore, most of these factors need to be constant. If some workers are wearing heavy jackets when others are on light shirts, you may never come to a consensus on the right office temperature.

When it comes to season, winter days will see your workers less productive than summer days. In the same winter, workers can wear heavier clothing instead of adjusting the thermostat. This is the same for summer; wear light clothes instead of setting a lower temperature.

If the temperature of a place is comfortable, but the humidity isn’t, the workers will still not be comfortable. A relative humidity level of 40 percent is comfortable for all workers. However, when the humidity is low, a higher temperature (up to 29 degrees Celsius) will be optimal for performance. If the humidity levels affect performance at the workplace, a humidifier can be used to restore comfort.

When you manage office temperature and humidity, you increase productivity and reduce sick days. However, these two are only responsible for physical comfort. The workers also need to be mentally comfortable for their productivity to soar. Leaders need to find ways to motivate their workers t keep them mentally comfortable.


Maintaining office HVAC or getting small electric heaters and fans for the office will go a long way in enhancing productivity at work and improving the bottom line of your business. If the productivity is still low even after adjusting the temperatures, look at other factors.

The Role of Radio Stations in Combating Identity Theft That Can Help Media Companies

Most people know the dangers of identity theft. Media houses have a role to play, especially in sensitizing the masses on how to protect themselves from identity theft.

Radio stations and media houses have not been spared by hackers. In 2013, the New York Times and The Washington Post databases were hacked into by Chinese hackers. Since then, media houses have been more careful in how they protect their data. They have also been at the forefront in the fight against identity theft. Even though radio stations help fight identity theft, they are also at risk of being hacked which will expose a lot of their fans to identity theft.

Before they can sensitize their fans, these radio stations need to ensure that their systems are safe from hackers. They can ensure the safety of their systems through:

  • Take an inventory of customer data collected
  • Limit access to people who can access customer data collected
  • Encrypt any data sent from one platform to the next
  • Install Firewalls and identity theft and malware protection software
  • Educate employees about phishing and ways to protect themselves online
  • Regularly change passwords
  • Any records and documents to be disposed of should be destroyed or cross shred
  • Train employees to identify breaches and monitor accounts for irregular activities.

Sensitize the Masses on the Dangers of Identity Theft

Radio stations have a chance to teach their fans the dangers of identity theft. Some people may not fully grasp what a hacker can do once they have stolen your identity. Identity theft can destroy one’s life besides messing up their finances. Below are some of the ways identity theft can mess your life:

  • Hackers can use your credit card details to shop online leaving you in debt
  • Hackers can use your SIN number and your ID to borrow loans from online payday lenders
  • Your information can be used to commit fraud online – you can be arrested for this
  • Hackers can also send inappropriate messages to your friends, family, colleagues, or your neighbors – this can result in these people picking up fights with you and not ever respecting you

After losing your personal information to a hacker, you might end up poor, in jail, and with no friends. The masses need to understand that everyone is prone to identity theft as long as they have internet access and transact online.

Teach the Masses How to Stay Safe From Identity Theft

It is not possible for everyone to never use the internet or never shop online. However, we can all be safe when using different services online. Hackers may not access your information directly but they might access the information through social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It makes sense if an individual would want to subscribe to an identity theft protection service to keep their personal information safe. Some of the tips radio stations can teach their fans to include:

  • Creating strong passwords with numbers, letters, and special characters for all the accounts you access. These passwords should be changed regularly.
  • Enter as little information as possible when using apps
  • Limit posting personal information such as social security number, phone number, and current address on social media
  • Set your privacy to the highest level when using apps and online accounts. Regularly check these settings to ensure they are not affected by upgrades.
  • Avoid downloading free applications on your social media profile
  • Avoid friendships and connections on social media with people you are not familiar with
  • Verify any link sent to you before clicking on it
  • Keep track of your accounts such as bank accounts and social media accounts to ensure there are no suspicious activities
  • Google your name occasionally to ensure no dubious social media accounts are running under your name

Reporting Identity Theft Cases

Radio stations are mandated with reporting identity theft cases and discussing the conditions under which the cases occurred. This way, consumers can protect themselves better when they know the details of a case. If some of their fans are affected, they need to teach them the first steps in ensuring that their lives are not destroyed.

Individuals affected can, for instance, ask their banks to stop any online bank activities such as shopping. They can also report to the authorities that someone has access to their social security numbers and personal details to protect themselves from prosecution in case of fraud. In conclusion, radio stations can help consumers in choosing the right identity theft protection services. This way, consumers can pick services that will meet their protection needs and their budgets. The stations can further show consumers how to use these services and inform them of any updates.