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December 2010
Good Things Come in Digital Packages
By John Paul Galles

     It is a remarkable new age of connectivity we are living in, driven largely by mega players Google, Apple and Microsoft. Together with the social media players like Twitter, Facebook and Groupon, and crowds in the clouds, literally every day presents amazing new opportunities for delivering information faster, better, and cheaper than ever before.

     Content is not just available through publications and websites, but also through images, stories, video and data that is available 24/7 through a variety of devices. Add the value of GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and you can track and find just about anything, anywhere, anytime.

     In this holiday season, as you shop the store displays of holiday gifts touting their technological convergence of computer, camera, television, telephone, sound and video capabilities, we want you to save a little mindshare for us. In the New Year, we will be delivering two new packages of blended technologies to help you/your business interface directly with customers, prospects and targeted recipients.

     Use them as marketing tools or use them as high-powered portals to access all of your/your company’s offerings; they will truly put your resources to the highest use.

     We want to help you bring your customers, clients and prospects to your front door 24/7. If you want to show off your store, your workplace, your staff, your team, your showroom, your goods and your services, marketing your business through one portal is an attractive way to connect with your customers and provide a more complete picture of what you do and where you do it.

     To that end, our first gift to you is to help you learn how to use QR codes effectively to communicate with existing customers and prospective customers and provide access to tools which can assist you. You may have seen these funny little black and white boxes in our last two issues and again this issue. Or you may have seen folks contorting themselves trying to take a picture of them with their smart phones in the aisles at Best Buy.

     QR (Quick Response) codes will become an important information portal for anyone wishing to access the newest, latest and greatest information as quickly as possible (although you do need a smartphone).

     QR codes are basically like bar codes; the particular matrix is read through a camera and interpreted by software to either display information, make a phone call, send an e-mail, or access a particular site on an Internet browser. We display a QR code on our cover, for example, that links directly to our current printed publication.

     Our second gift to you utilizes a new application of geoweb technology. Thanks to military intel and governmental information, the folks at Google Earth have made possible endless combinations of Internet information (abstract information) with geospacial information (location-based). If you haven’t played in Google Earth, I would highly recommend downloading the free program over the holidays and touring the world, and even outer space!

     In Google Earth, three-dimensional (3D) building models can now be positioned on the two-dimensional satellite surface, and are also viewable on Google Maps with the Google Earth Plug-in. While many of you may use Google Maps on a regular basis, mapping in two dimensions gives you a limited picture of what you are seeking.

     Viewing those locations in 3D will greatly enhance your ability to see and understand. In the coming years, an increasing amount of information will be presented within the three-dimensional interface of Google Earth.

     Here are some examples of what this 3D technology can display for the Hampton Inn and Suites of SouthPark at Phillips Place. The first code links to a YouTube video fly-in; the second links to a viewer on Google Earth (Google Earth or Google Earth Plug-in necessary to view).


Fly-in Video                                                                  


Google Earth Viewer

(requires Google Earth or Plug-in)


     Greater Charlotte Biz is anxious to help you take advantage of these new and evolving technologies. Give us a call at 704-676-5850 and ask for Scott Mayer or John Galles. We will be happy to show you the way to bring your customers to your front door.

     QR codes and 3D geoweb offerings are our packages for under your tree to assist you and your business with a more prosperous 2011.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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