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November 2012
Keeping Promises
By Jim Froneberger

     When a major logistics company wanted to provide information on fuel costs, weather and specialized route information to their drivers on the road, they needed a way to deliver that data to hundreds of trucks all over the country.

     When AAA Carolinas wanted to learn more about what services their customers used and how to make better customer-focused decisions, they needed to pull data from multiple disparate systems to create actionable customer information.

     And when a manufacturing company wanted to understand the profitability of different SKUs, customers and regions, they needed to bring together data from financial accounting systems, inventory management systems, and sales management systems.

     All three of these companies turned to Intellinet Corporation, an Atlanta-based management consulting and Microsoft-centric technology services firm. Founded by Frank Bell in 1993 as a boutique technology services company, today Intellinet is a broad-based management consulting and business technology services firm consulting on IT strategies, processes, and the complete stack of Microsoft enterprise-level products.

     While the corporate offices are in Atlanta, Intellinet operates regional offices in Charlotte and Durham, and the Carolinas market is playing an important role in the company’s growth strategy.


Carolinas Key to Growth

     Bell still serves as Intellinet’s chairman, but Mark Seeley, president and senior partner, now oversees the day-to-day operations. Seeley joined Intellinet in 1996 after working as a senior management and process consultant at Andersen Consulting. In his over 20-year career, he has founded or co-founded five different companies in a variety of industries including software, e-commerce, logistics, and real estate.

     Intellinet entered the Charlotte market in 2003, and because of the Carolinas market’s rapid growth, the company decided to further focus business development efforts by brining in Glenn Williams as regional vice president in 2007 to run the Carolinas practice. Prior to joining Intellinet, Williams served as the vice president of sales and co-owner of Infovision, a Charlotte-based Microsoft Business Solutions partner.

     Then, about two and a half years ago, Intellinet reorganized to focus on its clients’ business strategy and process needs, linking business strategy to technology solutions.

     “That is how our strategy and process practices came into being,” says Seeley. “It has worked out great as our strategy practice is made up of seasoned IT professionals who understand strategy and the implementation disciplines needed to execute that strategy.”

     Although Intellinet has over 900 customers in 42 states and eight countries, they remain a Southeast-focused company. In the Carolinas market, Williams focuses on Charlotte and South Carolina, while his sales representative in Chapel Hill handles the Triangle area and works together with him to cover the Triad. Intellinet customers range from Fortune 500 corporations to venture capital-backed start-ups.

     “Although we have customers of all sizes, I would say our sweet spot is what Microsoft calls their Corporate Account Managed space, which is typically about 800 to 5,000 employees,” says Williams. “While we cover all industry verticals in the Carolinas, I would say our leading vertical in the region is manufacturing/distribution.”

     “Of the just over 5,000 projects we’ve done since our inception, our biggest category by numbers is professional services,” adds Seeley. “Beyond that, it would be manufacturing/supply chain, healthcare, and financial services.”

     Intellinet divides their business into two main categories: management consulting and technology services.


Management Consulting

     Intellinet’s consulting practice evolved from their belief that a company’s business strategy should drive technology decisions. The firm helps clients define their IT strategy, optimizes business processes with change management and project management techniques, and provides assistance with business solutions that allow companies to better align their technology with their business objectives.

     “Our strategy practice will give a CIO a three to five year technology road map,” says Seeley. “What technologies should they use for data analytics? Should they look at the cloud or consider localized or geo-distributed data centers? How are they managing and evolving their core applications or dealing with mobile? How are IT funds allocated and managed across the organization through a PMO or other project management functions? It’s really a services strategy that goes across people, process, and technology.”

     Once the IT strategy is defined and a road map is created, Intellinet also can help their clients implement the proposed changes. They help clients with effective project and program management methodologies, addressing organizational and process issues that can result in projects being late, over budget, or never adopted. The firm’s project managers and business process leads average 15 to 20 years of technology and project management experience.

     The third pillar of Intellinet’s management consulting practice focuses on helping IT leaders align and implement effective solutions to become a best-in-class IT provider to the business. These solutions address portfolio management, budgeting and planning, organizational effectiveness, and innovation.

     While management consulting solutions may include many of the Microsoft products the firm offers through their technology services, Seeley is careful to point out a key difference between the firm’s consulting and technology practices.

     “While all of our technology services are centered on Microsoft, our management consulting is at its core technology agnostic,” explains Seeley. “On the strategy side, our clients work with Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Siebel, for example. We provide strategy, process, and implementation guidance across all technologies. But on the delivery side, when you get down to implementation and ongoing maintenance and enhancements, that is where we really focus on the Microsoft stack.”


Technology Services

     According to Seeley, most of the 640,000 Microsoft partner firms focus only on one or two components of the Microsoft product portfolio. By contrast, Intellinet is one of a much smaller subset of technology services firms that can implement the entire Microsoft product stack, allowing them to solve customer issues in five different technology practice areas—portals and collaboration, business intelligence, application development, cloud and mobility, and infrastructure.

     Portals and collaboration solutions connect the people and processes of a company’s business environment to information. One solution might be an intranet, an internal company website that provides employees with access to the information they need to do their jobs. This might include documents for knowledge sharing, collaboration space, customer information, financial information, and much more.

     Another solution might be an extranet, which allows the customers of a client company to access secure information about their mutual business relationships. The answer to a business problem might also be an Internet site, allowing the general public access to information the company wants to share.

     Closely connected to portals and collaboration is business intelligence—solutions which allow a company to collect data from a variety of disparate systems and convert that data into actionable knowledge. Business intelligence is the back-end applications that collect data from the client company’s operating systems, while portals are the front-end applications that allow employees, customers, or the public access to this information.

     Intellinet uses Microsoft tools such as SQL Server to bring the business intelligence data together, and SharePoint to create the portals that allow the information to be shared, analyzed, and delivered as dashboards with actionable knowledge.

     “Clients have many disparate systems and none of them talk to each other,” explains Williams. “They might have data in a financial reporting system and other data in a customer relationship database. So what business intelligence allows us to do is to take data from those disparate systems and create a data warehouse so that specific data from each system goes into one place where it can be cleansed, validated and accessed.”

     “The two most tightly related parts of our technology practice are portals and business intelligence,” he continues. “While they are two separate practices within Intellinet, about 50 percent of our customers who use us for portal solutions will also use us for business intelligence because they are so tightly integrated.”

     The third technology focus, application development, builds custom software applications for clients with specialized needs where off-the-shelf Microsoft software is not appropriate. These projects could involve special configuration of out-of-the-box software or complete custom development projects.

     The fourth area is cloud and mobility. Intellinet works with clients interested in evaluating or moving to the cloud to determine a cloud strategy, prepare for moving to the cloud, and performing migrations. Intellinet has a specific cloud practice that is one of the largest in the Southeast focusing on migrating corporations’ email, portals, data, and communications to the cloud via Microsoft Office365, Microsoft InTune, and Microsoft Azure.

     For companies looking to take advantage of mobile technologies, Intellinet helps their clients develop strategies for managing, creating and securing mobile applications, as well as developing custom mobile applications that support a variety of different devices from smart phones, to tablets, to the desktop.

     The final technology area is the IT infrastructure practice which focuses on core foundational enterprise network infrastructure systems operating in on-premise data centers as well as in the cloud. Intellinet works with these clients to create an infrastructure strategy and associated solutions that maximize availability and minimize vulnerabilities, and provide effective ways to manage network systems.


A People Business

     The foundation of any service business is the people. Unlike many of the Big Four consulting firms which often employ droves of very bright, but inexperienced recent graduates, Intellinet focuses on hiring seasoned IT professionals. Their management consulting practice features a number of former CIOs and many associates with previous Big Four experience. The consulting practice averages over 20 years of experience and the average experience across the technology practice is about 16 to 18 years. But even though Intellinet feels their people are among their most important competitive advantages, finding the right people is one of the biggest challenges they face.

     “Candidly, one of our biggest challenges is finding technology architects and growing the technology architects within our own ranks to be able to lead our customers along this new paradigm of cloud-based services, mobile development, and all of the new products that are out there,” admits Seeley. “The marketplace has really taken off in the Carolinas and the rest of the Southeast, so we’re hiring around project disciplines, strategy disciplines, and technology disciplines.”

     To help attract the best and the brightest, Intellinet has built a culture based around seven core values—people, optimism, balance, wisdom, integrity, service, and humility. These seven values drive the way the company delivers value to their clients and create a great place to work for their associates.

     “My goal as chief executive is building a firm where people would say, whether they were here for two, 10, or 20 years, that Intellinet was the best place they ever worked,” says Seeley. “We balance the idea of family life and professional life. We look for continuing professional education opportunities for all of our team. And we truly care for our employees overall health and well-being through a lot of fun family events, quarterly 5K runs, health club memberships, and the like.”

     The company has also set up the Intellinet Foundation as a way to further give back a material amount of their profits to the communities they serve. Company employees get a chance to choose the non-profits which Intellinet supports through time and donations throughout each year and during the holidays, Intellinet’s clients select between three charities to which Intellinet will make financial donations on their behalf.

     “When Frank Bell founded the company, his vision was not just to build yet another services company, but to have one that truly stood for something,” explains Seeley. “He set out a vision where our word is our bond. We see that delivering on our promises is really our most compelling advantage in the marketplace for a services business that is built around people.”

     “On the back of our business cards is our motto, ‘Promises kept,’” concludes Glenn Williams. “I bet a majority of our employees would say that’s one of the main reasons they came to work for Intellinet. Beyond us being a great strategy and technology company, we strive to do what we say, and at the end of the day, that’s what’s most important. After all, we’re in the people business.”


Jim Froneberger is a Greater Charlotte Biz freelance writer.
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