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November 2007
A Time to Reflect and Give Thanks

    November is always a good month to pause and reflect on our business accomplishments. In tandem with that reflection, it is an appropriate time to be thankful for all the blessings and support that have contributed to our success over time. This post is my opportunity to report on our progress and to recognize those who have been helpful along the way. We are so pleased to have become an important and valuable contributor to our local economy and to this region.

    Greater Charlotte Biz magazine was launched in January 2000. Our mission was and is to help business owners, managers and executives learn about each other and the abundance of business resources that support business growth and development in our marketplace. Over the last eight years, we have published 94 issues of Greater Charlotte Biz with over 470 biz profiles as well as 4 annual issues of Choose CharlotteUSA in support of economic development in this 16-county region. In addition, our custom publishing department has published a Newcomer’s Guide for Union County and a Consumer’s Guide for the Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont. We were also privileged to produce a hard-bound book entitled, The First Ten Years of Ballantyne Corporate Park for The Bissell Companies.

    Greater Charlotte Biz is mailed directly to business decision-makers where they work, attracting over 100,000 readers each and every month to our content and to our advertisers. Our specially-targeted readership includes important business executives and professionals who are also high-end consumers. According to a recent survey by The Media Audit, Greater Charlotte Biz readers have an average annual income of $90,325 and average 44 years of age. Nearly 82 percent of our readers own their own homes valued at an average of $309,010. Approximately 53 percent of our readers are women and 47 percent are men. Over 70 percent have attended college, earned a degree or have post-graduate education.

    We are proud to have earned the respect and attention of such elite readers. Bombarded by print, broadcast and digital media, we have learned that business decision-makers are a very special breed. Capturing their attention is not easy. They are constantly in search of information that will help them become even more successful. They want to learn directly from the experience of others and then apply what is relevant and valuable to their own businesses. They want to learn from business owners and managers right here in the Charlotte region and look for business opportunities at the same time.

    We are pleased that so many good business people have allowed us to profile their companies and tell their stories in our pages. We work hard to deliver really good stories about local business leaders contributing to our regional business marketplace and to business success.

    We are also especially grateful to our advertisers for their support of Greater Charlotte Biz. They provide the revenues to research, write, photograph, design, layout, edit, proof, print and mail each and every issue. All of our profiles are kept online at our Web site, When you are researching business prospects, we invite you to visit our Web site and learn more about them.

    In addition, I would like to personally thank our staff, our writers, our graphic artists, our account executives, our printers, and our families for their support and the quality work completed on a timely basis amid different deadlines for different publications. We are rewarded by our readers and our advertisers who learn from each other and find business opportunities to work together.

    We are so pleased to work with you in this wonderful community. Thank you!

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