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November 2008
Counting Our Blessings!
By John Paul Galles

     There is no doubt that these are turbulent times. Over the last nine years, our business community has been assaulted by the impact of many changes and events that have shocked and threatened our livelihood and our existence. Together, we have survived the end of the dot-com and telecom eras, the elections in 2000 and 2004, the overexuberance of the stock markets, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the demise of corporate ethics with Enron and WorldCom, the extended Iraqi War, and even the closures of tobacco, textile and furniture manufacturers that were once the lifeblood of the Carolinas.

     In the last year, our community has been rocked by the changing nature of the residential housing market as well as the challenges facing our two big banks, the freezing of the credit markets, the substantial decline of the stock market, and the year-long campaigns for President bandying about conflicting policy recommendations.

     The only thing certain, it seems, is that change happens. In the midst of all that changes, we seek to take care of our families, our employees, our businesses and our communities.

     We cannot dig a hole and crawl in to avoid these changes. We cannot stick our heads in the sand and hope that the changes move on past. We cannot close our eyes and ignore change.

     We must keep our heads up. Stay visible. We must be watchful. We must be wary. But most of all, we must work hard in support of our customers and our staffs. We must look for opportunities and focus on progress. When times are tough, we can take it day by day. We must work to be who we can be. We must do what we say we will do. We must use what we have available to us. And by all means, we must exude gratitude. We will not succeed without others.

     Ever since we launched Greater Charlotte Biz magazine in January 2000, we have published every month for nine years. In over 100 issues, we have written well over 500 biz profiles about our region’s business executives and the businesses they operate. Our mission has remained the same: We exist to help business people learn about each other and the abundant business resources supporting area enterprises. We are so proud to serve this business community and to be helpful to its growth and development.

     To be successful, any publication needs two ingredients, good readers and good advertisers. We are fortunate to have both. We work hard to provide you with a valuable publication each month that serves your business needs and ambitions. We are so grateful to you for your stories and for your advertising.

     We are also grateful for our writers, photographers, editors, designers, account executives, printers and the postal service for making possible each and every issue. We promise to continue to serve this business community to the best of our ability so that we can all be more successful and grow despite whatever changes may be in store. We will do all we can to support your growth and expansion.

     We are in this community together. Happy Thanksgiving!

John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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