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inthisissue December 2015
How Can We Make Health Care More Affordable?
2016 marks the third year of the Affordable Care Act and employers, consumers and insurers alike are concerned that the “affordable” component of the health care reform legislation is proving elusive. North Carolina consumers who buy their own health insurance are facing major price increases this upcoming year because of higher utilization rates, rising drug costs, and increased emergency room visits. BCBSNC, the state’s only insurer with products available in all 100 counties has raised rates by an average of 32.5%.
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The Sustained Capture of Memory
Henry Mummaw and Greg Robey are the founders of MemoryMemo, an integrated software platform designed to capture and preserve audio and text in a digital .memo file for photos, and LifeLens Imaging, a process for preserving and enhancing photographs digitally. “These are solutions to a significant problem—the sustained capture of memory,” says Mummaw. “We want them to be perceived as a solution whose time has come.”
[MANA Nutrition]
Saving Lives with a Simple Formula
This dense mixture of peanut butter paste, vitamins, milk, oil, and sugar comes in a small squeezable packet about the size of an iPhone. Administered three times per day for six weeks, it can rescue a young child from the nutritional cliff which is poised to take his or her life. Called RUTF, ready-to-use therapeutic food, MANA Nutrition manufactures and distributes this product under the leadership of founder and CEO Mark Moore.
[BYB Brands]
Creating and Selling Brands People Want
The beverage industry is tough,” says Norman George of BYB Brands. “I’ve been in it more than 30 years and I continue to marvel at what works and what does not.” Over the years, George’s team built and launched a multitude of beverages including Country Breeze and Bazza Teas, Bean and Body coffee, Fuel in a Bottle, and Tum-E Yummies. Of these, only Tum-E Yummies remains in the marketplace, a No. 1 seller and growing in reach.
Empowering People, Powering Success
“In corporate America, there is no more security,” says Jason Heller. “People know they don’t work anywhere for 20 years any longer. Every job is temporary. The whole dynamic has shifted.” He and the other principals of CRG, a recruiting and consulting services company, believe in treating people “like gold.” Affirms Tim Sessoms, “We want to make sure we are different. We say, ‘Treat them the way you want to be treated.’”
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Charlotte is the nation’s worst big city for climbing out of poverty
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