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inthisissue February 2015
Expanding Access Globally
The integration of American Airlines and US Airways progresses and celebrates linking the two airlines’ route networks and consolidating duplicative operations without employment reductions. “Heavy lifts” will continue in 2015: merging frequent flier programs, obtaining a single operating certificate, combining reservation systems, unifying 100,000 employees, and preparing for the 2016 expiration of its airport lease.
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[Wastequip, LLC]
Wastequip Doesn’t Talk Trash
Wastequip has products to suit individual consumers like its popular Toters brand, all the way up to the larger commercial side with its steel containers. It also provides hoist truck components that pick up the steel containers, tarps that secure waste in trucks, compactors that require fewer pickups, vacuum trucks that work in oil and gas exploration, and a parts division that services all of its products.
[FLXON Inc.]
FLXON Wields the SWEDCUT Blade Effectively
Companies now use the entire package of a product to convey advertising messages with words, images and graphics, in an array of bright designs and appealing colors. Enter FLXON, a high-technology service provider to the North American flexographic and rotogravure printing, coating, laminating and converting markets. Knowing the smallest detail can affect a buyer’s choice, they work with printers improve their process and their bottom line.
Hands-On and Can-Do Attitude
Burton Engineering Associates is the “problem solver” for clients’ construction projects. “When we join the team, it becomes as much our project—and we take ownership of it. We have a passion for what we do,” Carlton Burton says earnestly. “Our role is pretty integral to the project,” confirms Greg Welsh. “We go beyond the project specifications. We want to understand our client’s business model.”
Tooling an Engineering Network
EngNet maintains an extensive directory for engineering professionals, offering a digital marketing division as well as an industry news site that incorporates social media. According to CEO Michael Cooney, “I see us growing, and what we do isn’t going to change: we’re connecting industrial and engineering suppliers with customers. However, what is going to change is how we do that.”
[publisher's Post]
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