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inthisissue September 2008
Power of Engagement
Dr. Joseph B. Mazzola, the new dean of The Belk College of Business, brings with him scholarly and administrative experience from some top business schools in the country. He describes the high energy in the people he’s met as palpable, and one of his objectives will be to harness the energy to push forward and achieve goals.
[Windstream Communications, Inc.]
Streaming Solutions
Windstream’s refurbished 1953 vintage pickup truck is a memorable brand icon that represents the rich heritage of the company’s past and its focus on bringing new technologies to the communities it serves.
[Central Piedmont Community College - Center for Sustainability]
Environmental Stewards
Acknowledging sustainable development as a growth area for the region, CPCC developed the Center for Sustainability to meet the impending demand for training and education on both corporate and community levels.
[Whitehead Associates, Inc. Center for International Leadership]
Shared Vision
The purpose of the Center for Intentional Leadership is to convene forums for intentional conversation and relationship-building; Whitehead Associates’ vision behind it was to facilitate vital conversations for positive change in the community and the world.
[Greer & Walker, L.L.P.]
Platform for Growth
It sounds oversimplified, but its founders swear by a success formula of compatibility, unselfishness and hard work, with an eye toward civic involvement. Since 1984 they’ve grown steadily to become the largest Charlotte-based accounting and consulting firm.
[publisher's Post]
Health Care Reform High on the Agenda
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