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inthisissue July 2011
Fully Engaged
President and CEO Mark Billings has a calming air as he answers questions about the future of his organization, the second largest healthcare provider in the Charlotte metropolitan area. He follows Carl Armato’s mantra that, “By staying connected with our physicians, we hear loud and clear what the patients want, and what the patients need.” He is convinced, “If all of our activities center on the patient, the rest will take care of itself.”
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[Business Wise, Inc.]
Putting a Face to It
Business Wise understands that identifying the right person in the right company unlocks opportunities for new business. They pride themselves on their laser focus on the local marketplace to provide the most accurate and up-to-date verified prospecting information and business intelligence in their sales and marketing database.
[American Red Cross Carolina Piedmont Region]
Ready 24/7
“I’m glad the Red Cross found me and I’m so impressed with the staff and volunteers that work in this organization,” says Regional CEO Angela Broome. “I’m amazed everyday that they give all that they do—roll out of bed at 3 a.m. to respond to a fire or deploy for three weeks over Easter holiday; come home for two days and deploy again to Alabama, for example.”
[United Sleep Medicine, L.L.C.]
Sleep is Serious Business
“Our goal is to increase awareness of the effects of sleep deprivation,” says CEO Alan Campbell. “While diet and fitness may be pillars of wellness, sleep is also a significant contributor.” President Hemanth Rao adds, “Once they feel healthier by getting the benefits of restful sleep, they seek out ways to solve other medical problems. They are motivated to lead healthier lives.”
[Potter & Company, P.A.]
Climbing New Heights for Their Clients
One of the largest locally-based CPA firms in the region, Potter & Company works with business owners to help them achieve their financial goals, not just providing audit and tax services, but facilitating business improvement planning and developing pathways to reach their clients’ goals. Says Bucky Glover, “Knowing your client well can help you think or anticipate for them.”
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