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inthisissue January 2012
Building Solid Foundations
The Charlotte 49ers Athletics Department is building character, community, and stellar sports programs— brick by brick. Athletic Director Judy Rose describes her job as finding the right coaches, and then providing them and their players with the resources necessary to be competitive and to develop the character and achievement to be successful. All the coaches take the commitment to student development seriously. “The best thing we can give our students is an education,” says Rose.
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[Northeastern University - Charlotte]
On the Global Stage
Charlotte is Northeastern University’s first regional expansion in the nation, bringing its new way of furthering graduate education through a hybrid delivery system which combines classroom and online instruction while extending experiential, or co-op, learning opportunities, says Regional Dean Cheryl Richards. Classes begin this month.
[Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm]
Roll the Dice
Steve Garfinkel knew the stakes were high when he struck out on his own. Believing that Charlotte was in a growth cycle, and having a philosophy of Do exceptional work and the clients will come, he has grown a handful of corporate clients into a vibrant and thriving practice he calls “a one-stop shop for all matters related to immigration.”
[ettain group, inc.]
Hand-selected for you
At a time when companies are closing offices and growth for many is stagnant, ettain group is expanding. Partners Jeff Harris, Brian Deblitz and Jon Olin seem to have found the Holy Grail of growth. With IT unemployment low and IT jobs growing at almost double the rate of others, their information technology staffing and business solutions company is booming.
[Hood Hargett Breakfast Club]
Power Breakfast
Owner by Chuck Hood and Executive Director Jenn Snyder seek to provide a high class level of entertainment, education and hospitality at Breakfast Club events to attracts owners and executives—the upper level business decision makers—and give them the opportunity to share the experience with their prospects, clients and partners.
[StayConnect, LLC]
Frustration Prevention Invention
Inventor Mike Schutte’s maddening experiences with cord disconnects when using yard tools “sparked” him into finding a solution for the routine annoyance of exposed wires and bent and broken prongs. His StayConnect outlet cover thwarts disconnects in these and far more critical situations involving medical devices and sensitive computer equipment.
[publisher's Post]
Make Congress Work
When the Employer’s Business is in the Employee’s House
Planning Your 2012 Online Marketing
Is Everything In Place For Your Business If Something Happens To You?
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