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inthisissue December 2012
Changing Sales Strategies
Should sales staff stay with solution selling, a fundamental sales strategy since 1975, or transition to a 21st century insight selling model? If the role of the successful sales rep is to focus on unacknowledged and unrecognized needs, issues that should keep the customer up at night, this is the essence of insight selling. We asked six Charlotte area sales trainers to weigh in.
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[Blue Max Materials, Inc.]
Creating Heaven from Earth
Blue Max seems unassuming and “earthy,” but a survey of the surrounds yields an impressive array of all materials earthen. The company got its start selling dirt, rocks and sand. It has morphed to provide materials, ideas and support for environmental projects and even large outdoor living spaces.
[Optima Engineering, P.A.]
Engineering Sustainability
“We support the built environment industry by designing systems most people never see,” says Keith Pehl. “It’s not just about having these systems work; it’s also about designing an environmentally sustainable building. We call them high-performance buildings.”
[Barry, Evans, Josephs & Snipes]
Priorities Preserved
“Attributes of the affluent marketplace require certain products or specialties that can’t be accessed through the routine insurance firm,” explains Clint Crocker, partner. “We can bring those clients something that’s not ‘off the shelf.’”
[Myers & Chapman, Inc.]
Building Better Relationships
To make it through the tough times, Myers & Chapman refocused away from developer-driven work to a diverse portfolio—a wide variety of deliverables, from complete design-build projects to program management where they supplement the client’s staff.
[publisher's Post]
We Have the Keys to Our Own Future!
IMPORTANT CHANGES: North Carolina Construction Lien Law
Taking the Pain out of Disaster Recovery
Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker: Who makes up your village when you start a new business?
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