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inthisissue March 2013
Urban Eden
The UNC Charlotte solar house for the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon combines the best of education and industry for sustainability, inspiring innovation and efficiency as well as engendering camaraderie and healthy competition. Its byproducts spur scientists, production specialists, grid engineers, municipal planners, and countless others to focus on using nature’s free energy inexpensively and efficiently. It is precisely this type of synergy that creates wealth and opportunity, including job creation, helping us to compete in the global marketplace.
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[Electrolux North America, Inc.]
Form + Function
When Electrolux relocated its North American headquarters to Charlotte in July 2010, it was the largest corporate relocation to the city in the last 25 years. It is a global leader in design and manufacturing, with more than 40 million products sold in markets in more than 150 countries each year.
[Clark Nexsen, PC]
Master Builder
Clark Nexsen is proud of its ability to adapt to the complex needs of an ever-changing business world and technical environment. It realizes that, beyond expertise and dedication, serving clients’ needs requires the hands-on development of innovative and creative solutions.
[Advantage Waste Recycling & Disposal, Inc.]
Recycling the Human Spirit
For Carole McLeod, it’s been about recycling the human spirit. Her mantra, “Hold fast,” is about being patient and holding fast to the people you really care about. “Life is tough out there. Maybe my story will help somebody start something, do something. It’s hard, but they can do it.”
[Total ProtectionS USA, LLC]
Guarding the Grid
Phrantceena Halres heads up this high-threat/close proximity safety and security services company for the protection of critical national infrastructure—nuclear power plants, coal and other energy generation plants, new plant construction sites, and government facilities.
[publisher's Post]
Time to Expand Medicaid in North Carolina Is Now!
Squeeze Cash Out of Inventory
Is NOW The Time to Sell Your Business?
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