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inthisissue August 2013
P2EP: The Dynamics of New Biology
The Plant Pathways Elucidation Project (P2EP) research at NCRC is exploring plant pathways—the series of chemical reactions in plants that make compounds to survive and adapt to environmental stress such as disease or climate change—to see if these compounds in foods—specifically blueberries, strawberries, oats and broccoli— may be beneficial to human health.
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[Circle S Ranch, Inc.]
Let’s Talk Turkey
Circle S Ranch, one of the state’s largest live turkey production farms, does more than just grow turkeys. They grow grain for the feed, mill the feed, make pine shavings for bedding, reprocess animal waste to formulate crop fertilizer, and recycle heating and cooling for turkey houses in a truly self-sustaining fashion.
[Simpson’s Eggs, Inc.]
Egg-xactly What the Doctor Ordered
Simpson’s Eggs is a family-run business started by Z.K. Simpson in 1925. Today, third generation Alex Simpson oversees 15 houses totalling 1.2 million laying hens producing 900,000 eggs a day. As the third largest egg producer in North Carolina, Simpson’s provides eggs to customers in the region, surrounding states and internationally.
[Great Scot International, Inc.]
Bringing All Things Scottish to America
Great Scot International textiles find their way to a diverse sales base including suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, universities, municipalities, and interior designers. The company supplies specialty food products like shortbread, heather honey and beverages, as well as tartan fabrics and apparel, all made in Scotland.
[7th Street Public Market]
Market with a Mission
The 7th Street Public Market has an open, urban cool feel creating the perfect backdrop for vendors offering products ranging from organic and local produce to wines and beers, cheeses, fresh meat and fish, teas and spices, chocolates, fresh flowers and baked goods, and several eateries featuring coffee, pizza, sushi or sandwiches.
[publisher's Post]
Health Care Changes: Not Such New Ideas After All!
Projected Revenue Impact of Proposed Immigration Reform
FACT: If we amaze our customers, business will grow.
Should I Sell My Business Now?
Cybersecurity for Small Businesses: The Loss/Theft of a Mobile Device
Health Insurance Exchanges Are Changing the Dynamic
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