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inthisissue November 2013
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Fine-tuning the Senses
CEENTA has spent a little short of a century growing its practice from three to over 70 physicians from one office to 15 offices across the extended Charlotte region. Its staff is now 600-strong and cares for millions of patients each year. Combined, the offices form a tertiary center amid Charlotte’s two major hospital systems: Carolinas HealthCare System and Novant Health.
The Supramap: Chasing the Flu
Supramap doesn’t just track the spread of viruses, it tracks how the viruses are mutating as they jump into new hosts and encounter new medicines. Using Supramap, scientists might be able to stay ahead of the virus mutation curve and figure out when to switch medicines as the microbes adapt and develop resistance.
A New Vision for Men’s Health:
Usually one would find it challenging to weave the terms health care and man cave into the same conversation, but here, that is the conversation. With over 40 years’ combined experience treating the physical, sexual, endocrinal and hormonal issues that all men face, these doctors set out to create something new, innovative, and exclusively for men, by men.
Getting Back on the Road to Mobility
For this third-generation owner of a business spanning eight decades, Kale Hinnant says, “From the beginning of this company, it’s always been about patient care. We don’t only fit patients physically, we fit them mentally. You’re dealing with the emotional issues of losing a limb. It’s the same grief as dealing with death. You have to allow the patient to grieve and get through it.”
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