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inthisissue December 2013
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[Catawba Riverkeepers Foundation]
River Rescue
The Catawba Riverkeepers Foundation stays abreast of water cleanliness of one of the most endangered rivers in America, the Catawba. ED Rick Gaskins and Riverkeeper Sam Perkins say the river is under tremendous stress—at risk from coal ash pollution are the drinking water, recreational enjoyment, wildlife habitat and the recreational economy.
[InfoSense, Inc.]
Cleaning The Pipes
InfoSense is the outgrowth of a unique development partnership between UNC Charlotte and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department. The company’s innovative acoustic inspection technology, the SL-RAT, revolutionizes sewer line maintenance and is an example of how creative collaboration between government, business and academia can help solve difficult problems.
[Muddy River Distillery LLC]
Born on the Banks of the Catawba River
The Muddy River Distillery uses Catawba River water to produce its Carolina Rum, a mid-range white run usually used for mixing, although Head Distiller Robbie Delaney believes that his brand is sweet and smooth enough for sipping. The company’s latest offering is Queen Charlotte’s Reserve, a dark sipping rum aged in American white oak barrels with a medium char.
[Prism Laboratories, Inc.]
When You Need Results
Prism Laboratories provides analytical services for drinking water, storm water, waste water, soil, hazardous wastes and brown fields, and also tests the effectiveness of remedial action and trace problems back to their sources. This integrated team of environmental and administrative professionals serves the analytical needs of the consulting and industrial communities.
[Coleman Lew + Associates]
In Search of the Best
Charlotte-based Coleman Lew + Associates is a high-end, international, retained executive search and leadership development firm. The firm’s mantra is “Opportunity is an open chair,” and they’ve taken advantage of quite a few as Charlotte’s largest placement firm. Serving a widely diverse roster of clients for over three decades, they’ve more than shown “Nobody can fill our chair.”
[publisher's Post]
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The Succession Planning Process
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