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inthisissue May 2014
Big Thinker: Chase Saunders
Polymath Chase Saunders is one of a growing number of Charlotteans championing Charlotte as the global hub for international trade on the East coast of the United States, advocating that increased commerce means greater prosperity for the region—more business, more jobs, more wealth, more innovation, more opportunities for all. “We have the opportunity to build a new city—and that happens rarely in someone’s lifetime,” he emphasizes. “We’ve got to have a strategy to leverage all business sectors with these assets because we are in a global competition for jobs and opportunity.”
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[Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway]
Connecting NC Freight to the Global Economy
Robert Menzies says he acted on his “gut feeling to get in the game,” 27 years ago when he purchased the forerunner of Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway, it is the largest privately owned short line in the state. At a time when most thought the best days for the railroad transportation industry were past, he’s always seen it differently. Today, the 150-mile Carolina Route extends across the heartland of North Carolina with connections to both CSX and Norfolk Southern, encompassing several major industrial parks and sites alongside.
[GreerWalker Corporate Finance, LLC]
Global Expertise, Local Knowledge
As managing director of GreerWalker’s exit planning and investment bank affiliate, John Norman revels in unraveling the complex tax laws governing foreign-owned firms doing business in the U.S., as well as U.S. firms doing business in foreign countries. “The U.S. international tax law is really written for the old multinationals in the ’60s, and it hasn’t really been upgraded,” comments Norman. “For privately-held businesses, there are some really unfortunate hoops and quirks that can result in seriously negative effects.”
[Tucker-Kirby Co.]
Concrete Reputation
Family-owned Tucker-Kirby Co. has been a recognized provider of concrete, masonry, waterproofing and geotextiles for the residential, commercial and industrial building markets for almost a century now. Although they don’t sell ready mix concrete or brick and block, they sell everything to make them work. “When you see a concrete or masonry building, it’s not just a box,” explains company president Bill McKinnell IV, “there’s quite an infrastructure to it. On a typical project, we could have $100,000 in materials in a building and none of it would be visible once the building is finished.”
[American Security Mortgage Corp.]
Home Lending Done Right
American Mortgage Security Corp. President Phil Mahoney thinks they are at the top of their game. Having survived the 2008 mortgage crisis, he says, “We understood that the world was changing and we had better be able to work within government regulations. We never ran our ship ashore. We’re smaller, more nimble, and we adapted quickly.” As the firm celebrates 15 years of successful mortgage banking, Mahoney credits much of their success to a purposeful vision, a strong work ethic, and the loyalty and longevity of their employees. Oh, and hugs.
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