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inthisissue July 2014
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor…or Unemployed? How We Need to Sync Education with Workforce Reality
One of the most fundamental obligations of any society is to prepare its adolescents and young adults to lead productive and prosperous lives as adults. This means preparing all young people with a solid enough foundation of literacy, numeracy, and thinking skills for responsible citizenship, career development, and lifelong learning. Education has never been more important to economic success, yet the U.S. has fallen behind in syncing education with workforce reality. How much and what kind of post-secondary is really needed to prosper in the new American economy?
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[College of Charleston School of Business]
Getting the Jump on International Trade
Globalization is the dominant business environment. Increasingly connected marketplaces afford businesses a potential of more than 7 billion customers. But navigating and thriving in this global environment requires different and specialized knowledge, tools and training. It requires that business leaders have a new mindset—a global mindset. Educating these new global business leaders and giving them real experience is the mission and goal of Dean Alan Shao and the College of Charleston School of Business.
[SEM Products, Inc.]
You Name It—Automotive, Aerospace, Marine or Industrial
SEM Products is an unusual manufacturing company in that it is employee-owned. Says President Steve Fussy, “We focus on satisfying the special repair needs of the automotive body technician.” To meet those needs, SEM manufactures paint and paint products, including coatings, undercoatings, primers, rust protection products, trim paints, truckbed liners, adhesives, fillers, seam sealers, prep products, and much more, all of which are manufactured and packaged in SEM’s state-of-the-art-facility in Rock Hill.
[Farris Fab]
A Convenience Store for Manufacturing
Farris Fab manufactures parts for a diverse range of multi-billion dollar OEMs that are a who’s who of American business. Their parts can be found in numerous places including trucks, construction equipment, forklifts, subway cars, and large electric motors. President Bryan Farris says, “Our specialty is contract manufacturing, with a focus on more specialized jobs. In contrast to higher volume manufacturers, we can make your products faster and more efficiently, and what we do can be more dynamic and responsive to changes.
[Vision Metering, LLC]
Gauging the Global Marketplace
From humble beginnings as a distributor and renovator of surplus electrical meters and equipment, Vision Metering has greatly expanded its offerings including gas meters as well as cleaning, testing, retrofitting and meter retirement services for utilities. Its engineering department designs and builds the trademarked Vision family of meters and other smart grid products and isolation relay equipment. “Utilizing 4G LTE modems inside meters,” President Randy Austin says, “will get rid of the utility-owned communications infrastructure completely.”
[publisher's Post]
Global Flows in a Digital Age
Starting a New Business? Read this first.
The Succession (and Exit) Planning Process: Part IV:
USCIS Immigrant Investor Program EB-5: Coming to America for a Price
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