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inthisissue June 2004
Armed for Success
After an inquiry submitted to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, leaders of General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (GDATP) met with Mayor Pat McCrory at the Westin Hotel. From there they launched a salvo of questions that would culminate in bringing the most formidable force in the defense industry from Burlington, Vermont, to Charlotte.
PBS&J Raises Charlotte Profile with Light Rail Project
If you've followed Charlotte's light rail efforts, you've noticed a name with a jumble of consonants -- PBS&J.
A Commitment to Excellence and Ethics Puts Epley Associates at the Top of Its Game
As Charlotte got on the map, so did Epley’s reputation for reliable and ethical public relations consulting; he and the city have grown together as has public relations in the region.
Irwin Industrial Tool Sets Up Shop
IRWIN allowed Newell Rubbermaid to make its foray into the estimated $10 billion dollar market for industrial tools, increasing its product-customer base and market presence.
From Music to Movies
With a budget of $20 million and a theatrical release to 1,332 screens across America, “ Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius” may be the biggest homegrown movie in North Carolina history. But it is, without a doubt, a tribute to the creative vision and entertainment savvy of Rick Eldridge, executive producer of the movie and president and CEO of The Film Foundry.
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North Carolina Direction Determined by Ticket-Splitters
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