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inthisissue February 2005
Business Is Bloomin'
One thing can be said about today’s retail atmosphere: it is more competitive than ever. With ’superstores’ and ’expos’ and ’outlets’ suffixing almost every major storefront, sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees.
[Poyner & Spruill LLP]
A Case of Strength in Depth
The Poyner & Spruill law firm represents clients in 29 areas of practice, yet its Charlotte office specializes in a half-dozen disciplines. As the office here has grown to 36 lawyers, the firm has allowed the Charlotte team to develop and forge its own identity, with some surprising twists.
[PRstore, LLC]
Wha' Cha Need? wha' cha Get!
Entrepreneur magazine calls it one of the year’s hottest new franchises. PR Week put them on the front page next to some of the country’s largest established companies. One of the firm’s founders calls it a “love affair,” and the other says it will “revolutionize the industry.” It is PRstore, and it’s based right here in Charlotte.
[NouvEON Technology Partners, LLC]
A New Era of Consulting Services
Just as it appears, the name NouvEON stands for a company that purposely mixes disciplines. “We are a hybrid,” President and Chief Executive T.J. Eberle readily admits of his fairly young Charlotte firm, NouvEON Technology Partners, Inc.
[WXNC-AM 1060 / WKMT-AM 1220]
The Conversation Station
We all have them. The acquaintances that make everyone uneasy. The abrasive co-worker always looking to push his views on you at the water cooler. The corny uncle with the bad jokes. The dry neighbor who wants to talk politics.
[publisher's Post]
Kudos to Those Who Have Made Charlotte 4th!
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